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Radek Urbanski
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Jeremiah - It's clear you're cut from a different cloth than your most vocal online colleagues. My advice is to drink bottled water instead of the EMC/VCE kool-aid in order to maintain your professional and collegial demeanor. Lord knows, the enterprise storage industry could use more of that!
Jeremiah - I'm rooting for civility to emerge triumphant but what started out as a heartfelt plea for sanity has descended into farce. First of all, before tossing a grenade at NetApp for FUD, perhaps you might want to talk to your very own VCE colleague Nicholas Weaver regarding the whole "" fiasco of this summer? Pot 0 Kettle 1 While you're at it, you may also want to google "EMC Anti-Social Media Gang" to see how the king of hypocrisy himself (twice commented on your blog) is perceived by objective experts of our industry. Pot 0 Kettle 100 I hope you're an Axl Rose (of GnR) fan, because Welcome to the Jungle of your own employer's making!
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Nov 16, 2010