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Hi all, There are plenty of readers of this Blog that aren't classically trained CS programmers. I'm not ,for a start, with experience in AS/400 and Siebel (plus a bunch of things in between). Its not that the questions are hard, but they really are not useful for determining whether a programmer is any good. At this point I have to ask , what is a programmer? Are we talking about a code monkey ? someone who just does what he is given ? or the more expansive Analyst Programmer who actually thinks about what the business wants. Being able to solve coding problems is all very well , but it isn't what you are looking for in a business context. You want someone who is sharp and can get what's going on ...a trickier problem. From what has been spoken in the comments there is a perception that solving the problem is trivial and anyone who doesn't get it is not a programmer. Well, not true - it might be for the subset of languages and methodologies you are talking about - but consider someone who has worked for 10 or so years in RPG on AS/400 or Mainframe technologies. Its not that the person is useless , but their world of experience so removed from yours its a difficult to see that they are any good.
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Feb 26, 2010