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Urzl added a favorite at WWdN: In Exile
Apr 6, 2011
What really gets me is how ineffective the whole deal is. I've been through security on two separate occasions with a knife I'd forgotten I had on me to no effect whatsoever. I carried a folded knife with a 5 inch blade through the airport without *anybody* (including myself) knowing it until I was past the checkpoint and reached for a snack at which point I knew better even than to confess or I'd be "detained". 75% of penetration tests on federal security checkpoints resulted in false negatives when they audited them. The backscatter testing is *not* using the amount of radiation they claimed it was, nevermind whether it's a safe amount or not. Unless you have the time and the testing equipment to verify *every* scan is a safe amount, the fact that even the creators of the machine can't actually be certain of the amount is a problem. Moreover, the backscatter machines admittedly will *not* find what they're looking for. We already know that there are groups who intend to stuff their bodies with explosives and use themselves as a bomb which means the backscatter machine will see a naked person and the plane will blow up anyway. The *effective* security measures worldwide look nothing like ours. The whole security theater of the TSA is for it's chilling effects on national discourse and the freedom to travel, there simply isn't any other explanation after realizing that even the TSA knows that their measures are not working for their stated purposes.
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Apr 6, 2011