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Pamela you are marvelous and wonderful and a champion, but... I'm not at all sure its prudent to put down Andy McCarthy so strongly. More often than not he's on our side and I for one have learnt a lot from his "Willful Blindness" book. We need each other to be friends who accasionally disagree on some points, but remain friends.
Toggle Commented May 13, 2013 on The Right Getting it Wrong at Atlas Shrugs
Perhaps it may have come across as inappropriate, but frankly I still applaud Taitz's stand. There are really genuine issues concerning Obama's citizenship, issues that Sheriff Arpaio's team has thoroughly researched and provide the most imposing evidence for. She may come across as shrill, but those of us involved in Jihad awareness can surely understand her frustration. Let's not be dismissive of "birtherism" as we complain other people are of us "islamophobes". There is a real case to answer here. Pamela I continue to stand with you - you are a real champion of liberty!
Obama did not even venture a comment concerning the use of "disproportionate force". There seems to be only one country in the world that gets that criticism.
Through all the legalese I have to wonder... does any of this also control the information available to the public on Obama/s own term of office? We're quite sure that there's going to be a lot of things he will bury.