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I can see by the comments that your hate has spread like the infection of indoctrination that your vile personality shines through every day. It's quite telling of the mentalities of your under educated followers that think this type of kindergarten behavior is being celebrated. So in your life, evil is in turn handled with more evil, how very adult of you. What a sad pathetic life you must have that generates nothing but hate. You are what is wrong with the USA and the freedoms of all citizens.
As horrible it is to use a Star Trek metaphor, it reminds me of the moment in time that Jean-Luc saw the hummingbird flying at the flower. Your such the normal guy out for a walk that can express what he experiences with humor and grace. Am just glad to know that you all washed your hands after. Try not to question your ability to entertain because sharing what we are brings us all closer to the same page I think. Keep posting and we'll keep reading. Cheers
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Jun 4, 2010