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I have a real estate business. Given this information, I will not be advertising my listings on Craigslist. I have told other business owners who actually DO pay Craigslist to put their job openings on there. They are completely shocked and unaware. If companies stopped advertising jobs on Craigslist, that would affect their bottom line. The Huffington Post had an article titled, "Is Craigslist a Pimp?" What if I knew a pimp and he provided me with a lot of leads for real estate? Would I be okay with that? Could I say, "Well, those other services he provides are not related to what I'm doing, and it wouldn't make a difference if I boycotted the business relationship." I'm not okay with that.
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This book is definitely in my top five! The gospel writers repeatedly state that Jesus preached the good news of the KINGDOM. What was he saying? Is the good news more than just telling people that they will go heaven when they die? N.T. Wright says that the "kingdom of heaven" is the sovereign rule of God which according to Jesus was and is breaking in to the present world, to earth. "This, as we have seen, is what the resurrection and ascension of Jesus and the gift of the Spirit are all about. They are designed not to take us away from this earth but rather to make us agents of the transformation of this earth, anticipating the day when, as we are promised, 'the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.'" Christianity cannot just be the study of Christianity. Compassion has to be the heartbeat of every church and every believer. Thank you, Tom and Children's Hope Chest, for being agents of change! We heard you speak at the Orphan Summit and are thrilled by what you are doing throughout the world!
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May 7, 2010