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Thanks for the tip, Tom. Will play with this new logon stuff later. Right's time for Mini Banner Holder's preschool graduation!
@LTLF: "The number of people posting probably has nothing to do with TypePad. It has to do with the Lakers just got swept in the second round. I'm sure there are a bunch of Championship Weather Lakers fans whose interest wains a bit when they don't win a title every year. If you ask them what they thought of Nick Van Exel or Cedric Ceballos, they'd ask, 'Who?'" Co-sign 1000%. Nothing like a losing summer to separate the wheat from the tear!
Billy Mac & Stu. Great energy mixed with Stu's top notch color! I'm feelin it!
I'm down with that! Adios, Pau!
@Justa: I told you so. DIMEBREEZY!
Yeah...this Blog is as dead as LeLoser's 8 championship hopes and dreams
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May 25, 2011