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Microsoft suffer from the most enviable of all corporate afflictions. Success! In fact so damn successful that they are like the Mendoza family, running ot of places to stash their (ill-gotten?) gains. Once you reach this point (and few corporations ever do) you are faced with the almost inevitable future that can only be downhill. There is no where further up to go; and that causes some problems with certain kinds of corporate egos and shareholders. Microsoft also have had to deal with 2 other major issues. The style and scope of the projects required to create their new products are incredibly complex ( as much as I hated Vista and am appalled that they could spend so much money ( how much was it by the way?) on a piss-poor product while sitting on a absolute motza of cash, i also know that dropping another billion or so would have had no discernible impact on the project (read the Mythical Man Month). They have reached the limit of their's and possibly current human ability to manage projects (the haldron collider seems to have gone well though...). The other issue is speed of change in the technology and market. So apart from trying to be cool (they are not, can not, never will be .. look in the mirror Steve, Bill) and follow the current trends, what can Microsoft do to leverage their tremendous cash reserves, technology base, billions of customers and millions of (underpaid and stressed) analysts, developers and support people? while still making money. I dont know for sure but getting confused about wether your OS is for business or consumers doesnt look like a good call to me. They keep doing it! They can never separate the requirements and while I understand the advantage of sales volume they just never get it right. The consumer version is always crap and the business version suffers because of it. Microsoft, through insight, timing and a fair amount of borderline un-ethical corporate behaviour actually ensured that we all use windows for (most) work purposes (up till Saas because a reality). Millions of legacy applications rely on this but the cost to move us into the current century is horrific but the support costs and productivity bottlenecks in that old world are breathtakingly huge. They got us here. Now can they do something monumental to really shift the way that business works, something that harnesses all that resorvoir of technology, skills and customers or will they fritter it away on trying to be cool?
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2012 on Betting the Company on Windows 8 at Coding Horror
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Jul 11, 2012