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I have written the past three Governors just about once a month to implement this execution ..This is a good day to read about a worthless example of DNA going down.
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The Left can make it a campaign issue until the Cows come home. Allen West only said what the people of "Her own District" are saying. This woman represents MY DISTRICT and she is an embarrasment to everyone in it. It was a breath of fresh air to hear Col. West put this poor excuse for a Representative in her place. The progressives can rant and rave all they want. People like me will just send Allen West a check and a Thank You!!
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Oh and lets be perfectly clear here, you know those above post, who claim to be cops,soccer moms, various experts and the average citizen?? Dont be fooled, they are sex offender groups who flock to forums like this to try and convince YOU the average reader that sex offender registries and restrictions should be abolished. They want to "try and convince" the average reader they were over-prosecuted, unfairly targeted and were victims over over-zealous sex offender laws that had absolutely no basis on the crime they gained SO status for. Some of the responders here, would curl your hair if you read their court transcripts and leave you wondering why some havent had a needle stuck in their arm rather than be able to troll articles and post on forums such as this.
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2010 on Homeless Sex Offenders at I-Team
Its amazing how a writer, clincial observer and or anyone else who has an opinion on this subject crawls out of the woodwork, even myself. If anyone has noticed and correlated the "homeless" issue, the problem seems to arise in States with the most offenders. States with the highest number of offenders, many times have the lowest oversight. Offenders congregate to "states" with the least restrictions and/or so overwhelmed by the sheer numbers, true methodical consistant oversight is non-existant.States may talk a big game and spend oodles of monies on sex offender management "but in the big picture" no one is watching the store. Offenders themselves have figured out the "system" and how to bypass it before those in charge of the "system" have. States who have a disproportioate amount of illegals, affordable housing, job opportunities, higher ratio of crime per populace are all draws for offenders. Perhaps people should start looking at Interstate compact Laws (allowing an offender to move into a state after committing his crime in another). Perhaps states with the MOST offenders should consider moritoriums on allowing RSO's from relocating into that state.My personal favorite is that the "powers that be" get off their backsides and deport those offenders who are here by every definition that screams deportation definitions. The Registry is growing every year, and not for reasons sex offenders or their advocates maintain. They grow because this crime "infects" new victims who often grow up with a distorted view of sexuality and sometimes grow into another generation of offenders. The department of Justice, the Department of Corrections and any agency under the "Homeland Security" emblems are not family friendly. They have been "conditioning" the public to live with these guys, for no other reason than money, they dont want to pay to House, feed or bury them, so they release them back out onto an unsuspecting public to feed off the prey they thrive on. Writers who profile "homeless offenders" never do get to the crux of the problem do they?? Has the writer ever dissected half these guys? Well I have. I live in Florida where the Julia Tuttle debate raged for a year. The "oh so wise" experts never once addressed the "bridgerats" individually. Fully one half of those "poor homeless" shouldnt have been on U.S. soil in the firstplace. Another third committed their sex crimes in other states but came to Florida for no other reason than the beaches were better. The Julia Tuttle was a profile in ineptness and atrocious sex offender management. But as by some sort of miracle, no one noticed these guys demanded housing, jobs and social services and demanded it in SPANISH no less. Excuse my political incorrectness here, but seems to me, these guys should have been placed on a waiting plane and shipped out rather than be interviewed and allowed to tell the world (in spanish) their tales of WOE! Perhaps the one guy who had the most play, should have been sitting in a cell (considering his crimes) from another state, rather than getting his 5 minutes of fame on TV..You so-called experts can ping-pong this issue back and forth all day long. But until the People WE PAY start to do their jobs then this "problem" will rear its ugly head again same time next year..
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Oct 30, 2010