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Valerie S
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Have you been to the Tim Burton Retrospective, yet, at LACMA? Runs through Oct 31, 2011. We went last week. Pretty amazing. You can see Large Marge's eyeballs on display.
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Can I do another one? here goes: So THAT'S what happened to Octomom's kids!
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Wow. This is so far down, you may never see it, but just in case, for your consideration: Spot the (B)looney! alternate spelling: Spot the Blueney! there you go...a short, sweet caption; an armful of fun for Python and non-Python fans alike.
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I, too, love Apples to Apples. We play it when we visit our friends in Altadena. (That's in LA County.) ;)
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2007 on family circus at WWdN: In Exile
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We live in Orange County, CA and, yay!, we DID see the dang thing last night. We froze our tutus in the process, but it was worth it to see our girls' (ages 9 & 11) faces light up. We drove up Newport Coast Drive, turned up the hill, and stopped at a (possibly private) park outside of one of the ritzy gated neighborhoods. From there, we enjoyed a beautiful sunset over Catalina Island. Indeed, there were clouds on the horizon, but we kept hoping, between shivers, that something would pop out. Eventually, one of our daughters spotted Venus, then the other insisted she saw a white dot in approximately the right place for the comet (She has 20/17 eyesight. Oh, how I long for the day....). Anyway, hubby had set up an old pair of binos on a tripod, then confirmed the sighting. Through chattering teeth, the girls cheered! In an attempt to be a clever idiot, I put my digital camera on zoom, shoved the lens into one of the eye sockets on the binos, then snapped a bunch of pix using a variety of the many silly settings the camera offers. I got a few grainy pictures (nothing like the ones you'll find on Sky and Telescope's website), but, hey, it was great fun. This jaunt was immediately followed by four cups of hot soup at the Souplantation, on Main, in Irvine. If you can access the aforementioned site, you'll find a Catalina sunset pix, two comet pix, and two happy kid pix.
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2007 on stupid weather at WWdN: In Exile
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Please don't go back to the old site. I already wrote "In Exile" with a Sharpie on my "WilWheatonDotNet" t-shirt!
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2006 on less than you think at WWdN: In Exile
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