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Friendly or no friendly this is the only yardstick we have against playing with the greats from the world's clubs. I also see something consistently familiar. We definitely are a tier below most of them, both in soccer quickness and skills and also in a certain IQ. Redbulls are supposed to be at the top of the Eastern Table, in the middle of the season, whereas those guys are still on vacation and in pre-season. Only Gaudette saved us a huge embarrassment yesterday! Yes, I root for my home team but something is very wanting in them and in the other MLS teams. Each time, they show me they can play great, they also show me that they can collapse like a pack of cards without any explanation - particularly the defense. There is a lack of confidence - we don't know how to take the game to an opponent.
I've never seen such an outpouring of respect and love as Everton fans have shown to Cahill. This guy seems a class act (Rafa eat some crow!) Donovan was right when he spoke of how with Evertonians you feel right at home. I hope that with Cahill in the picture, this is the Year of the Bulls! (the red ones)
I for one am glad he is not playing. The team are a lot better when he is not there. I think he is probably one of the worst acquisitions Red Bulls and MLS made, and I think they just don't know what to do with him.
Sad, to hear of this happen to Captain America - a great fan favorite and a very decent human being. Our prayers with you and your family and may you succeed in your mission with the other underprivileged children.
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2012 on Reyna's son, 13, passes away at Soccer By Ives
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Jul 20, 2012