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Brett VanBenschoten
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Business used for personal belief doesn't gain the protection of an individual; the individual assumes the responsibility of a business. #NOTfreespeech
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Actually, thinking about it, there's a hell of a lot in common between acting and teaching.
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I teach information competency (research skills) at a community college. Sometimes I dream that either i have no idea how to teach the databases I'm demonstrating, or that the students have zero interest, are looking bored, and all my laugh lines are bombing. Luckily, I've only ever bombed a few lines in real life.
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The Corner Bakery Cafe in LA has "cold swiss oatmeal" that seems to be just what you're looking for.
Toggle Commented Apr 29, 2011 on FedCon day two at WWdN: In Exile
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Ah, whisky. The water of life. Really. In old Gaelic "uisce beatha" means water of life. Sometimes I wish I still drank...
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Mar 16, 2011