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Sounds awesome! Hope I win!
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Let me start by saying that my life sucks right now. I am broke, and a waitress, and just blah. I scraped together what little money I had and I bought tickets to w00tstock. Seriously, epic budget fail (sorry ComEd, you'll get your money soon!) but I couldn't stop myself. And I'm glad I did it. Chicago #w00tstock was one of the best nights of my life. I never wanted it to end. I brought a friend who wasn't all that familiar with what was going to happen. I basically told him, "Geeks + Comedy + Music". He turned to me during the show and said, "This is fucking phenomenal." I have to agree. I loved that it was 5 hours long. Bring it on, Wil Wheaton. Eternal Arr was fucking epic-sauce. The thing that I liked best about w00tstock is that it felt like it was a bunch of friends hanging out rather than an audience - performer relationship. It was amazing. I made a vow to myself as I caught the bus home. If it is humanly possible I will go to every single w00tstock ever made. And I'll bring my friends.
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Jun 15, 2010