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Craig Van Nieuwkerk
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The app stores are like Windows circa 1997, a million useless apps full of ads, scams and spyware targeting kids and semi-luddites. There are of course a few dozen useful apps as well.
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2014 on App-pocalypse Now at Coding Horror
"Who knows, maybe they use them to store all the extra forks." That's funny!
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2012 on Meetings: Where Work Goes to Die at Coding Horror
Shouldn't this post be on ? :-)
Toggle Commented Feb 6, 2012 on Farewell Stack Exchange at Coding Horror
While the reaction to Steve Job's death was understandable considering the impact he had on a lot of people, we should be under no illusion that Apple is any more altruist that any other big company. They look after bottom line first and second.
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2011 on Serving at the Pleasure of the King at Coding Horror
Alkampfer, you are dead right. The only reason developers need access to production is when they want to hack in last minute changes that weren't found during testing and QA. If you have a proper process then these situations won't arise.
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Aug 27, 2010