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I've read some of the comments here; a lot of it is too . . . I don't have words for it. It's pathetic. And weak -- but not because of sympathy, or the desire to understand . . . it's pathetic because our culture is pathetic. Because the society we live in is weak. We live a life of lies. Our little world is made up to pretend that everything follows a plan, that everything's going to be okay. Remember that speech by the Joker about 'the plan'? I hate to appeal to pop culture, but that speech is horribly accurate. The truth is, the world isn't fair, and there's no promise it will be okay. One upon a time this was a little more common knowledge; in some places it still is. The truth is, it's easy to spend 40-60 hours a week doing work a robot could do, when you don't admit that this is your only chance. It's easy to spend money on things you don't need when you forget that you may already be a walking dead man. It's easy to look the other way when you ignore Death at your elbow, Death sharing your wine cup, Death tucking your children into bed. He's always there, always ready, and one day, he's ready for you -- are you ready for him?
Toggle Commented Oct 7, 2012 on Somebody is to Blame for This at Coding Horror
I do think most casual users will abandon desktops: and good riddance to them! There is no conceivable way any smartphone or other 'mobile computing device' can replace the functionality of a keyboard, desk, mouse, and multiple monitors; that revolution will come with the advent of neural interfaces, or some other mechanism which allow the degree of flexibility and flat-out speed of a desktop interface while on the go. Of course, if we think texting and driving is bad -- what about coding & driving? Or watching porn in our retinal implants and driving? I guess it's probably good that manual vehicular control will be an anachronism before much longer, provided civilisation doesn't collapse first. Anyway, the desktop is dead: long live the desktop!
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Oct 7, 2012