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silver refuge
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Thank you Monty for your opinion. A girl friend of mine talked to me about buying some silver. I didn't really research enough. It was a whim to do this. Now I have 5000 Philharmonics which is very heavy and while I love the coins they do take up space. and of course I bought them just as silver crashed, I should have spent that 100 thousand on gold, takes up less space. Live and learn. I'll tuck them away and not think about it. I have to stop doing things like this. So far I have lost 35 thousand, lol. The tip off should have been the first year of production 2008, when I go to Europe next I'll take them with me and sell them there. Are you aware of any European web sites that deal in Philharmonics? My postman was not amused. lol.
Hi. I was wondering why in your opinion Philharmonic silvers should be so much lower than silver eagles or maple leafs. I find this to be very queer. After all the Phils carry a 1.5 Euro face value on top of the 1 ounce silver content. I have yet to hear a good understanding of this difference in valuations. Thank you in advance. Eve......