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"Macphail's concern for women in the criminal justice system led her, in 1939, to found the Elizabeth Fry Society of Canada, named after British reformer Elizabeth Fry." - Velvet Martin
badger dog : )
Yes, we still have a ways to go to eradicate ignorance. The following are examples that I have personally run across: 1/ I took my mother to a hair salon to have her hair done. When the stylist finished with a client she called upon the man next in line and seeing that my mother was uncomfortable sitting as she is elderly, the gentleman offered to go to the end of the line so that she could take his place. The stylist told him, "No, you're next. I don't do people like that." "Like WHAT?" I asked. "People who are difficult," she responded. Oh my goodness, my mother is elderly, but certainly not difficult! The woman herself, was obviously in her 50's and not too far away from being considered aged herself so it was somewhat ironic that she took such a negative stance towards an elderly individual. 2/ My daughter was born with a genetic condition and has passed away. During discussions with an Alberta Justice solicitor, my daughter was referred to as an individual who "suffered." This is a most archaic view of persons with disability and often - as with the case of my little girl - inaccurate. My daughter was a happy-go-lucky soul who had smiles for nearly everyone; she was also quite mischievious and liked to pull pranks on others. To confine the life of all persons with disability under the scope of "suffering" is ignorant. The same solicitor went on to refer to my daughter with even more dehumanizing terminology, referring to her as an "IT". The attitude is ugly and wrong, but even more disturbing is the fact that it origniates in a reprentative of Alberta JUSTICE, an individual who speaks for Canada.
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Feb 12, 2010