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Mark - a reprint of my post on Om's "rant", also relevant to your post: While I agree that LinkedIn has its challenges, it is also starting to impress me. A few years ago I started up the “Venture Capital Group” on LinkedIn, as an experiment. Today at 6,000 members, of which probably 10% are mainline VCs/PEs, 60% are entrepreneurs/tech executives and the remainder are probably service firm people. It’s a closed group and I monitor it closely each day and “cull” spammers or irrelevant posts. Over time, the quality of the posts and discussions has improved. While each member has to define what is signal and what is noise to them, there was a great example recently of top-quality signal, IMO. An attorney made a post about the recent JOBS Act and how the Senate had effectively killed crowdfunding by adding a number of investor protection provisions. A great online debate/conversation ensued between a knowledgeable executive and a well-known Northeastern VC. Here’s the text synopsis of the conversation: I’ve seen no other online equivalent of that kind of debate. Haven’t seen it on Facebook, tech blog or any other social network, at least not all included in one convenient location. And while most of the conversations in the Venture Capital Group are not as detailed and informative, its a step in the right direction. Cheers
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Apr 14, 2012