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Angela Melton
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Beautiful post Barbara. Thank you for sharing your energy medicine journey; it is inspiring for us all. Angela
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Jyoti, I can relate to being use to a small town and being bombarded with large groups of tourists every year since I lived in a small town outside of Santa Fe New Mexico. It was nice to retreat to my 5 acres, a mile down a dirt road when tourist season hit. I hadn't thought about having "seasonal clients", but seems interesting and challenging. Do you also see local clients regularly? Angela Melton
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Jill, that is fascinating, and I am so glad you have managed to make these moves thoughtless so you can do them while your mind has checked out. They sound like they would also be good to help us ground when we can not connect with who we are. Angela Melton
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Danceofenergy, I had actually asked Barbara about being specific with the points, but she didn't think it was necessary. To cover all of the options, that would be a full article and not a blog post. Andrea states it well, follow your intuition as to where to hold. You can find out more about the black pearl sanctuary process points at this link: I hope this helps. Angela
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May 27, 2011