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Ashley Vercekaites
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Ugh yes yes yes, please do this for Arkahm Horror! I want to love that game, but my brain keeps getting tangled up in the rules.
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Better watch it, he'll sue you next for saying something that made him sad!
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I... don't suppose... you're still planning to do an entry about the Calgary expo?...
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When I was in college, I constantly had stress-dreams about coming to school and finding out there was a big presentation due that I hadn't even started yet, and I'd wake up stressed and unhappy. If I wasn't having stress dreams, I had the complete opposite, ultra boring chore dreams, where I would just dream that I got up, had breakfast, went to school, did some grocery shopping, came home, made supper, spend all evening doing homework, worry about my project that was due in a week, etc etc etc, and I'd STILL wake up stressed and unhappy and feeling like I hadn't rested at all. After I finished my program I stopped having those dreams, thank goodness.
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May 7, 2012