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I have to say, I actually couldn't bring myself to see any validity to the folks who claimed to be showing support for "free speech". It's not a matter of my not agreeing that everyone should be allowed to state any opinion they like without fear of legal persecution, I don't feel like any intelligent, rational human being could argue about that. It's his constitutional right to think and say whatever he likes. Thing is, the first amendment protects you from legal persecution, NOT from the sociological consequences of what you say. The people playing "I know you are but what am I" with terms like bigot, hater, etc against those who cried out against Chik-fil-A seem to forget that, much like nobody is allowed to censor someone having a horrifying opinion, neither should those who disagree be censored. We're obligated to respect the rights of others to have an opinion we disagree with, we're NOT obligated to agree with or respect the opinion itself, and are equally allowed to show our outrage over it. Freedom of speech is a door that swings both ways, folks.
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Aug 5, 2012