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Anna, I saw your surgery pictures. thanks for sharing..I would imagine mine would look something like fistula is huge..looks like a crooked snake up my arm..but regardless of the cosmetic questions...the real concern is the risks of leaving it in..after 8-1/2 years of transplant with NO episodes of rejection..alway great lab results..would it be wise to have it removed..I will talk to Drs. in Houston about it..but they have always left it to me...I've learned more on here about different decisions..I don't want another surgery..I've had 5 hernias surgeries since transplant..have you had any problems in that area?..they were supposed to take it out with last hernia surgery but was in surgery for 8 hrs..they said they didn't have the time left to remove it! wondering!..any suggestions are greatly appreciated.. I had Polycystic Kidney disease...they removed both kidneys 2yrs. before transplant..I understand your kidney disease is different..did you have one kidney transplanted?...removal of both of mine cured my disease but I still have cysts on my liver..which doesn't effect the liver like the fuction of the kidneys..probably more info than you wanted to a little carried away...thanks....
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I agree with.."If it ain't broke don't fix it!" but are the chances of an anyurism higher or lower with or without it? fistula is so large and bulging and very active..all the way up my arm...I'm not concerned about IF my kidney ever failed not being able to use it (fistula) again..I'm not sure I would go through the process again...I'm 61 yrs. old..probably too old for another transplant anyway...what is the difference between having in tied off or removed?..
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Feb 14, 2011