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It looks like I'll be the only person quibbling over inaccuracies in the comments, but here goes! 1. Giants are not that good. They only use one less when taking over regions adjacent to mountains they occupy. So Sean got way more regions on his first turn than he should have, considering he tried to occupy the mountain last. It's a simple mistake to make, granted. 2. Ghouls can not attack the turn they go into decline. They have to wait until the next turn. During a round in which a race goes into decline, there is no attack phase. This is why Stout Ghouls are so good, because stout means they don't have to use a whole turn to go into decline. Smallworld is one of those games where we had to check clarifications often. So, it's understandable. I suppose I only bring it up for future reference. We played a lot of games before we no longer had to keep opening the rulebook for the detailed descriptions. Anyway, the shows still awesome. I'm not somebody who is actually enraged over mistakes made in a boardgame or anything. Boardgames exist in a world of house rules, so playing a game different from the rules can often be on purpose and perfectly valid. Yet, I still decided to point it out like some pretentious glasses-adjusting nerd. Hmmm. Also, strategy tip for Grant. The best way to play Orcs is to just completely abandon all your regions during each readying phase so you can then conquer as many as possible again. Especially if they're also pillaging. Of course, he might have done this, I know we probably don't see every minute of the game.
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Apr 3, 2012