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There's one thing that I never understand by any critic of Google (especially in the search domain), when you say: "Still, looking at the statistics, it's hard to avoid the obvious conclusion. I've been told many times that Google isn't a monopoly, but they apparently play one on the internet. You are perfectly free to switch to whichever non-viable alternative web search engine you want at any time. Just breathe in that sweet freedom, folks." What do you mean? Do you expect that a better search engine just materialize out of thin air? What are you expecting? That perhaps Google should fund their competition? Maybe they should hold back a bit on improving their technology and let the other poor souls catch up? One thing I dislike very much is when people feel entitled, like it's their birthright, to something they should work hard for. Have all the free internet services gotten you into the mindset of a spoiled consumer? This is not how entrepreneur thinks, this kind of thinking is not going to make the world go round. Yes, you are right, you are being "churlish", show me a better search engine and then we'll talk.
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2011 on Trouble In the House of Google at Coding Horror
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Jan 3, 2011