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I think some people here as well as maybe the author of the article are missing some of the points of these studies. First, some other studies about why people do paid or unpaid work show that there are significantly distinct categories of people, for which the motivating and demotivating effects of different kind of incentives can be different or even opposite. It boils down to the fact that the group of people that are the most motivated by intrinsic motivators (desire to improve oneself, sense of commitment to a community, etc) is only a minority. For this group monetary incentive does not work. But it does work for the other groups of people. It means that companies that manage like Google or Atlassian can work, but other companies can work too. They just need to hire different types of persons. Second point, it does not mean that money does not matter at all for these people. Just that paying them a variable amount of money depending on the quality of their work is ineffective. It's a bit different. They will want the most money possible, but once the amount is settled, it cannot change depending on their performance or it will lower it. Last point, intrinsic motivation is by definition egoistic. You can't have someone work for you only with intrinsic motivation. It works the other way, they will find you only if they're interested. Therefore companies will always need extrinsic motivators to attract employees: money, good work environment, etc.
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Jun 3, 2010