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I have never played Rock Band(I'm a GH kinda girl)but having played through "The Spirit of Radio" by Rush on GH5 I totally know how you feel. On Easy I failed out at 98%. I was furious.
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I needed a laugh today. Thanks for that Mr. Wheaton. :)
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Why are they filming in Louisiana? I have a great 200 acres of creepy woods with a log cabin they could film on. All I'd want in return? A part in the movie. :)
Since no one else has mentioned my idea, I think it could be House There isn't a lot of room for not very nice characters on that show but I think you would make a great patient of the week and an even better Doctor at PPTH. Break a Leg and can't wait to hear what happens! *sends you good vibes*
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I should do that. But it might be a bit creepy...I'm not sure.
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So Mr. Wheaton, Is there someplace I could buy one of those t-shirts? It's made of win, and awesomesauce and I need more of that in my sad little life. :)
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Oct 13, 2010