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"Ruby is only good for web apps. " You obviously don't know the first thing about Ruby. Ruby is great for web apps, it is great for sysadmin scripts, it is fantastic for developing security tools. To the people complaining about how hard rails is to deploy I just deployed a web app last week 1. Make sure Ruby is installed, I installed it from source, but you certainly don't have to if that is scary to you. 2. gem install passenger 3. passenger-install-nginx-module 4. Open the nginx config and point it to your rails public folder 5. install whatever db you are using 6. Do the normal rake tasks to set up your database Took 15 minutes from start to finish. It is also easy to deploy a rails app and any other kind of app including PHP on the same server. To the people saying PHP is better because you can stick it on $5 hosts LOL and that will boot him off before he gets near even moderate traffic. Python would have also been a good choice but IMO it is an inferior language compared to Ruby. Definitely lower on the blub scale than Ruby. Python makes obvious things explicit at the cost of more syntax with no benefit and the enforced whitespace weakens the language. If you have to ask why it weakens the language you are not qualified to discuss languages. If my only two choices were Python or Ruby the only thing I would use Python for would be for graphics and scientific and mathematical apps and maybe for desktop GUI's. Everything else Ruby is better suited for
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"There are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses.." Said by a person that can not accept any criticism of C++ and the quote is self-serving. Using it to defend something is the height of idiocy. Bjarne, while being infinitely more intelligent and educated than any PHP "dev" is still using the fallacy that all items in set Language have flaws, then all said languages are equally flawed. There are many subsets of Language that are superior in significant ways over PHP and C++, though C++ also belongs to the superior to PHP subset. PHP is better than Malbolge, Brainfuck, and Whitespace and that is about it. It is significantly, and irreparably worse then any other language, mainstream or not.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2012 on The PHP Singularity at Coding Horror
"Seriously? It doesn't matter what language you programme in, you're still a complete and utter arsehole." I know, the truth hurts. You can have my shoulder to cry on if you need it. If your field of view is PHP or Java, you need to evaluate if you have any clue. Of course, if you had a clue, your field of vision would be much larger. Self-trained language end-users have no business programming. PHP is written by amateurs for amateurs, therefore if you use PHP you have no business programming. It is people like you and all the PHP defenders that cause me to support strict professional standards and licensing for all programmers. Where I live a hair cutter needs to prove proficiency and get a license, but any old idiot(and lots of idiots flock to idiotic languages like PHP) can attempt to write software and infect the world with it. Makes no sense. Programming is a professional endeavor. Full stop.
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"There has never been, nor will there ever be, a language so perfect that none can criticize it. " This is true but you miss an important point. The delta between the flaws in PHP and any reasonable language is not insignificant. In other words, just because all languages have warts doesn't mean that they are all equally flawed. That is something PHP "devs" fail to understand.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2012 on The PHP Singularity at Coding Horror
"Ok, so PHP is not perfect, but I don't see you pointing out any good solution to use instead if that exists. If you don't want Rails, a big Java Enterprise or some Bill Gates server.. then what are you left with? " The problem is that PHP is not perfect, nothing is. The problem is there is nothing good in PHP. Pointing to crappy $5 hosting means you don't have a problem worth working on. It also means that Heroku is going to be much cheaper for you, and it scales effortlessly if you need it to. It is also simple to deploy to. Rails is fine and is a snap to deploy. Absolutely simple, of course you need the CLI, but PHP needs it as well. The crappy hosts just do it for you and you better pray that they compiled it in a way that whatever you want to run on it will. The rest of your comment it typical of ignorant PHP "devs"(is there any other kind?) Other options include: C - you would be nuts to use this C++ - you would be nuts to use this Perl OCaml Scala Lisps - CL, Clojure, etc, etc, etc Erlang Javascript - node.js or even on the JVM Smalltalk Haskell Python Ruby - Ruby is not Rails, and the Ruby ecosystem is much larger including other frameworks and template libraries and other libs. Most of the web-centric Ruby libs are Rack compliant so they all work together seamlessly. Yes, you can mix template libraries in a single web app and even frameworks like Rails+Sinatra. JRuby - Gives you the best of Ruby and Java and is up to date(ie runs on Java 7 and is more or less Ruby 1.9.x compliant(Some Ruby features just won't ever work on the JVM, but it is not a huge problem since those few features are rarely needed) so it makes sense to put this separately. Unlike say Jython, which is quite poor and lagging significantly behind Python. This list could go on and on. With the exception of C and C++(correct me if I am wrong) all of these have frameworks if you need them and they all have the needed libraries if you don't want to use a framework Of course your typical PHP "dev" isn't educated enough to easy change languages, which is why a competent CS program doesn't teach languages, it teaches concepts.
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2012 on The PHP Singularity at Coding Horror
"A low barrier of entry is not a bad thing." It is a very bad thing. Programming is the only profession that allows untrained people to work in the field and we all have been paying for that. Programming is a professional endeavor, if you do not have the brains or the will to get an appropriate degree(CS, CSE, etc) than GTFO. Without formal training, programming is black magic. Look at Jeff Atwood, he is untrained and read some of his stuff, he simply lacks the understanding of computers,computing and mathematics to talk intelligently. Instead he takes his third-graders understanding of math and tries to apply that to debunk Dijkstra. To Jeff, programming is magic, just like it is to 99% of the people who use PHP. The internet is an extremely unsafe place because of these amateurs with no clue what it going on. PHP 'devs' lead the pack in producing unsafe applications.
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2012 on The PHP Singularity at Coding Horror
I does matter that PHP sucks. It matters a lot. PHP can only be safely used by a top shelf, well-trained programmer with a ton of patience. Except that a well-trained programmer would never use it because there are countless better options. So that leaves the dregs to use PHP which is also not shocking, because the PHP dev team is filled with amateurs. This means that PHP is really useful to no one and should be used by no one. I am not surprised that you don't understand this since you are obviously under-educated. Time and time again, you have shown this. Have you figured out that all programming is mathematics yet? I would be impressed if you have finally learned what math is, but I know you haven't. PHP sucks, if you use it you have no business programming. Full stop.
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2012 on The PHP Singularity at Coding Horror
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