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Vintage Scrapping
Great State of Texas
Homecoming Mum Designer - Owner of
Interests: My beautiful Son, my husband, Homecoming Mums, Scrapbooking, Card Making and Reading!
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Hi! I've had several people ask me about lights. I will work on a tutorial about that for next year. The only thing I do is glue each bulb where I want it and stuff the wire down into the flower to hide it.
Hi Jamie! I do think the ribbon might be the problem. I always use acetate and if I want to add another type like grosgrain I still use acetate under it to help hold shape. See if that works :)
Hi Amy! I usually do 4" or 5" strips depending on the ribbon for garter loops - Melissa :)
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Hi Maggie! I get the wooden letters from michaels and hobby lobby. I have also ordered them on eBay for really good prices. Search for laser cut wood on eBay. Bear accessories I make most of them. Some items you can find at party city. Hope that helps!!
Yes they are unless you cover it with a another piece of ribbon which seems a little pointless to me. The loop should be sitting on a bed of ribbon when you put mum together so no one sees the back of the loop
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2014 on How to make a Homecoming Loop at Vintage Scrapping
That just warms my heart Amanda!! You now officially a Texan!! I'm so glad this became a fun experience for you!!
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Yay! So glad I could help!!!
Hi! It is actually one white one navy and one silver Mylar
Thank you Diane!
Thank you Linda! I'm sure they turned out great
Hi! I haven't tried the xyron. I just use hot glue :)
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2014 on How to make a Homecoming Loop at Vintage Scrapping
Hi Tessy! Thank you for letting me know!! Trendy loops. Honestly it isn't something I can describe but I will make backer tutorial for next year!
I'm so glad they helped! Thank you!
Thank you Amanda! I am always happy to hear when my tutorials have helped!! You are so right - it gets very expensive going to the local craft store which is why we came up with our Melz Make Your Own Mum Kits packed full of stuff to save you money!! I've already had many people calling asking for items that the stores are already out of!!! Well I hope you enjoyed making your mum!!!
Yes! Our website is
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Hi Diane! The number 5 ribbon is 7/8" wide but I do also use #3 ribbon too which is 5/8" wide. When using the smaller ribbon you have to weave a little tighter. To get the folds closer together when they are lined up next to each other make sure there is hardly any gap and it will tighten the braid. Hope that helps!
Hi Katie! The metallic ribbon above is called Mylar. I buy mine in bulk but you can purchase it from craft stores during mum season. If your store doesn't carry it try googling metallic Mylar ribbon to find a seller. I do offer it in my mum kits - it's amazing ribbon for braids!!
Diamondback braid is now posted!! :-)
SPIRIT BRAID I love this one!! So easy and looks amazing. Perfect to glue trinkets onto! Since this is a quick braid - let's see if we can make the tutorial as easy and quick!! On your mark, get set and GO!!! Supplies: There are two ways to make this... Continue reading
Posted Jul 19, 2014 at Vintage Scrapping
Step by Step Color Picture tutorial of HOW TO MAKE A DIAMONDBACK BRAID for your Homecoming Mum or Homecoming Garter!! #1 Site for Homecoming Tutorials! Continue reading
Posted Jul 19, 2014 at Vintage Scrapping
My Favorite Crafting Tools So yes, as I type that the song is playing in my head. Chances are now it is stuck in your head too - but hey, doesn't that song make everyone happy!! During my past few years of tasking the know how of the homecoming mum,... Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2014 at Vintage Scrapping
Thank you! You too!!! Funny you ask about that braid - I actually have all the photos taken and was going to get it done this weekend! I will message you when I complete it if you would like :)
Thank you for letting me know! I love to hear that my tutorial helped!! And yes, these are very time consuming! But the finished result is so worth it :)
I think you are referring to the diamondback braid. It is pretty easy but time consuming. For a 36" braid I use the #5 ribbon (7/8") in two colors. It takes 26 pieces of each color to make the braid. The pieces I cut are EXACTLY 7.25" long. Hope that helps!
Couple of things you can do here. Personally I make all my own bows and to tie them up I use florist wire around the middle so the excess behind the bow I loop through the top of the bell and push the wire through the ribbon at bottom and twist in back. Feels more secure to me. Another great way is to take a piece of ribbon and loop through top if bell and staple the ribbon to the bottom if braid and then cover it up with a bow!