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The iPad is a big step in the right direction not some giant leap for humanity. A phone is still just a phone no matter how many apps you load it with and with a notebook it's not so easy to find a balance between a practical size and performance plus the design is not ergonomic enough for travelling with. 17' notebook in an economy seat or in an old style classroom? Not as comfortable as just holding a book. Which is where the tablet pc's come in. I'll probably get and iPad,despite being nothing of an Apple fan, when they introduce multitasking capabilities
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2010 on iDonotwant at - Fashion Blog
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I really don't like the fashion industry. And models that wear a tweaked size 0 do make me feel bad.I also dislike the music industry and hate them trivializing the power of music. Generally, put industry in anything and it will get kinda ruined. I love beautiful clothes. Jewelery is wearable art. I love wearing super high boots in the winter. The industry does offer you diversity. Seeing neon green tights every few years won't make me buy them however I will gladly snag a victorian jacket and love how variations of it keep popping up. She clearly doesn't get herself in relation to fashion. I didn't bother going though all the comments but the first ones on her article are rather critical and this post has a good chance of getting more attention than the actual article.
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Jan 24, 2010