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Links for the IBM and Sun approaches are here: IBM rPerf: Sun mValue:
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Benoit, Joe, Thanks for your comments. I agree that there are different types of database workload, and that system throughput can be a function of those different workload patterns. However, that is not mutually exclusive with consolidated metrics for capacity planning purposes. Consider the widely used IBM rPerf and Sun M-Values. These tables are used specifically as a guideline to help make system selections when upgrading from one system to another, and have been used heavily over the past two decades for this purpose. The Sun M-values also made it into some well known capacity planning tools (from BMC and Teamquest). The figures here are relative performance ratios to help selection when migrating workloads on older systems to virtualized architectures. The matrix provided here is comprised of a geometric mean of several standard benchmarks, as used in the IBM rPerf and Sun M-Value charts, and are appropriate for the purpose of first order capacity planning. We hope to expand this matrix into a similar set of tables for our customers, as IBM and Sun did with their relative performance comparison charts. Richard.
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