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Tyson Chandler takes a photo with Celtic Great Bill Russell and says this interestingly " You are the original no. 6 and thats why I am took this number ". Tyson's jersey number is also 6. I wonder if he was taking an extra dig at no. 6 lebron james. lol. Watch it at 6.30
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10 point road loss is not bad. especially in playoff. it is just we are shocked that c's didnt finish close like a 1 point loss. in the past playoffs c's always stole one of the opening games. this is just different. thats whyyou guys are bit taken aback (including me). a great team will always overcome these kind of situations. c's havent had a threatening beginning to a series like this. thats all. plus injuries haunting us and always talk about could cause fatigue.
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in game 3 pierce against knicks pierce did a block and landed and his feet were haphazardly landing. i knew somethiing was wrong. i didnt watch the game. i was so nervous. i am sure c's will recover. as series wears on other team also will get tired.
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May 3, 2011