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In the interest of helping to counter a negative experience with a positive one... Not long after I turned 30, I read a piece you wrote about turning 30 (I believe it was in Dancing Barefoot), and it moved me, and kind of helped me. A while after that, I had the opportunity to attend a signing, and in my 30 seconds, I had the chance to tell you how much your writing meant to me. And you were *so nice*, and you actually talked with me about that for a moment, and it was just really cool. I always liked your movies and I always liked you in TNG, but I didn't become a fangirl until that moment. :) I attended my first SDCC this year, and I turned 40 on Friday of the con. And that piece about getting older, that still means a lot to me. I didn't get the opportunity to attend your panel or see you on the floor, the nature of Comicon being "you can't always get what you want," but it was still so cool to be there, and read everyone's Twitter feed, and be a part of the big citywide party. And y'know, I still think of that signing I went to, and I still tell people how very cool and genuinely nice you are. So I just wanted you to know... the way you value everyone's 30 seconds? To those of us who *aren't* the crazy, that really matters. That means a lot. So thanks. You're one of the coolest people I've ever encountered. :)
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For reasons which might be evident, the ending especially cracked me right up. :)
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Sep 7, 2010