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Writer, Reader, Techie, and Cat Mom
Interests: Cats. Books. Tech (Mac OS X, Palm, Perl...). <BR> The Internet. Weblogs and social software. <P> I have some weblog <A HREF="">memes</a> (writing prompts). Take a look if you're interested in playing. <H2 class="archive-header">More</H2> You can read <A HREF="">more about me</a> and my interests in my home pages.
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Look at those ears!!!
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Tim - Thanks for commenting and for adding to the discussion. I do have to push back on your comment that " it isn't the individual answering the questions who is choosing labels for themselves. Instead, it's the researchers behind the instrument that are exercising this power." because that's not strictly true. The researchers created the labels, yes. But the individual chooses. Part of the point of the MBTI is that, of you get to the end and don't think the code it gives you is a match, you are Supposed to read the profile (and other profiles) and make a decision. It is _expected_ that the questions may not be perfectly answerable by all people. The better someone knows himself or herself, the more accurate the results will be. Part of the MBTI instrument is the understanding that it should NOT be done in a vacuum and it is important to look at the results and decide if you believe them. No one "assigns" you a type but you yourself. If anyone ever tries to tell you "this is your type whether you agree or not", that person is misusing the MBTI.
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This is why zoos are important. They may be extinct in the Wild, but they are not extinct in Israel. And mama can safely care for four when there are no predators to worry about.
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See also: by Susan Cain
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Fabulous! Bright, colorful, creative. Just wonderful.
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I'm like Moshe (but with a different browser). I use Camino's Flash blocker. I open sites and see a little squiggly (ƒ) in a circle. It's very calming (and no change to the CPU/fan).
WTF is back today. :-( Turning off .wtf-component makes the list and avatars go away. Not perfect. Still hunting for the magic bullet. Advice welcome. #$^&@! "features"
When I tried .tweet-user-name, it removed both user ID and full name, so I've turned off .tweet-screen-name instead. That seems to only take away the bold user id / handle and leave the greay "real name". I can live with that. Too bad there's no difference in classes between my incoming stream and your outgoing stream. I looked through the CSS file and I applaud your perserverance in working this stuff out! So many classes with similar names. Yurck!
Have you discovered any way to remove the author's ID and full name from every tweet. If I'm looking at Your Page, I know You wrote what I'm reading. I don;t need to be reminded on every line. (I filed a complaint to Twitter about this).
I like that we still use the word "dial". You press the "Dial button" on your desk phone. Daddy... what's a "dial"?
In Camino (Mac-focused Mozilla) the file should be called userContent.css. Place it in the chrome folder of your user profile (~/Library/Application Support/Camino). More at Oh, and, THANK YOU!!!!!
No. The bottom line is that it's the job that matters, not the way I'm paid. (Or so I believed at the time I wrote this.)
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Mar 15, 2010
So many people have said thank you even more eloquently than I can but I wanted to add my voice. Thank you, Wil. This story made me smile.
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2010 on there and back again at WWdN: In Exile
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My response to Ms. Dick: "You have GOT to be joking." (And if not, you should be.)
Toggle Commented Jan 8, 2010 on New Name Beat: Nexus One at Fritinancy
Well, we're not going to _that_ Webinar. :-)
Heh, Nancy. I see you don't moderate the trolls in your comments. Brand names are important. Brands have gained customers with a good name, lost customers with a bad one. Happily, however, most people will never read the brand name on the airport scanner; they'll be too busy removing their shoes, belt, watch, and keys; bemoaning the loss of that precious bottle of water; or wondering whether the scanner is showing off their celullite to the other travelers. (Lewis Carroll is also resonsible for coining "gallumphing" :-)
Toggle Commented Jan 5, 2010 on Bad Brand Names: Rapiscan at Fritinancy
Oooh. Ouch! re: Grievance the Second: at least it's obvious why they're seeking "Copywriting Experts". They understand that they need some.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2009 on The Airing of Grievances at Fritinancy
Mmm. The Cipponeri family has been coming to the San Bruno Farmer's Market this summer (market is new this year). Heavenly fruit. I don't blame you a bit!
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2009 on SUMMER FRUIT CRISP at Culinary Muse
As Kevin M points out, the default now is to show @replies only from your network. I don't see @ replies to anyone I don't follow. So, not much noise. I do see @replies to me from people I don;t follow but there are few of those and only 3 times have I wondered "well, that made no sense." Perhaps that was spam? It was small enough to consider to be an accident. Finally, Twitter, unlike the intranet, is a closed system. If someone is reported for suspicious activity, the account is suspended. Try that with email or blog comment spam. In fact, not long ago, a "real" user account was suspended for @replying over and over to many people as a way to spread his message. Oops. Bad twitiquette. The great thing about Twitter is we can all see what you've sent (unless you're private and even then Twitter cust svc can see). We can see how many messages you've sent. We can track how many per day (and there are limits to messages per hour.) Unlike the interwebs as a whole, we control our world in Twitter. I just don't see "spam" as a Twitter killer... I don't even see it as much of an annoyance.
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We have four kitties as well. This sounds very familiar!
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I admit it. I started reading your weblog lo these many years ago because I'd heard of you. I'd watched ST:TNG. Wil Wheaton... didn't he play Wesley Crusher? He has a weblog? I wonder what he says. Hey, he's funny and smart and he writes really well. When Twitter came along and I learned you were @wilw, that gave an extra boost to Twitter for me - it must be good if Wil's on it. And he's funny and smart and interesting in 140 characters too. (Not everyone is.) I continue to follow you because you continue to make me laugh and because the Twitter @wilw and the Blogging WWdN both seem like someone I'd enjoy talking to in real life. If the 56,000 followers starts to get to you, just take a deep breath and think about stephenfry; he's hit twice that, with half of them in the past week or two. The next FailWhale I see, I'll have to blame one of the two of you! :-) Thanks Wil for being _you_. I'm happy you're here.
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Before someone yells at me, that's 2% of voters, not necessarily 200,000 voters. Last I saw it was roughly 400,000 with ballots still uncounted. Probably Dec. till we know for sure. Still not a strong majority by any means.
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Before someone yells at me, that's 2% of voters, not necessarily 200,000 voters. Last I saw it was roughly 400,000 with ballots still uncounted. Probably Dec. till we know for sure. Still not a strong majority by any means.
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Those reading from outside California should keep in mind that the "majority" that voted for Prop 8 was 200,000 people more than the "minority" that voted against it. 200,000 people out of 10 million voters. I don't call that "a majority". I call that a squeak. In most states, as in the US, a constitutional amendment requires at least a 2/3 majority. Shame on California. :( Thanks Wil for your support.
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