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A creative dreamer, leaning towards the melodramatic and divine.
Interests: stitching, reading, drawing, music, painting, shopping, conversation, WLS, lap band
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Hi Outi :) Thanks for your comments my friend. And your not a spammer! I appreciate every comment I receive *hugs* I have been looking at my carbs pretty closely, and going back through my food diary I have noted that the last 3 weeks I have upped them - when maybe I shouldnt have! I have been having porridge pretty consistently (at least 4 times a week) and especially on the days when I have my personal training sessions. The last 2 weeks I have noted that I have prepared carb meals for my family and yes I have been eating them! When going back further into my food diary, your most definitely correct that when I was losing the weight I wasnt eating very many carbs at all - so my friend I think you are on the right track! So for me I am going to go low carb once more and see how I go.
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2007 on Lapband Update - I'm Worried... at Ka-Ching!
Hi Outi, Firstly - thanks so much for stopping by my new blog Ka-Ching and commenting! I very much appreciate it, dear friend :) I didnt mean to imply that being overweight, caused the PCOS, so forgive me if it comes across that way! What I meant to get across is that being overweight and having PCOS makes it harder for your body to be healthy - meaning hormone regularity. My Dr explained to me, that if I just managed to lose 5% of my total body weight, then my hormones should settle down some, and become more in-sync with my body giving me hopefully a regular period once more, instead of it being all over the place. I should also explain that its only been the last six years or so, when I have been at my heaviest that I have run into hormone problems - specifically testorone and estrogen, which has made my cycle (I believe) act wildly. PCOS is such a mis-diagnosed syndrome, isnt it? My friend, thankyou again for stopping by *huge hugs*
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2007 on Pre-Op Thoughts at Ka-Ching!