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I absolutely agree. I always reserve aisle seats so as to not inconvenience others with my small bladder needs...which is why I get frustrated when I've been reassigned to a window seat on a long haul.
To contrast your experience with mine in Toronto, we went to a neighbourhood show that blew us away in its good naturedness. We had been told that there is a home only 3 blocks away from us in Riverdale, where we live in Toronto, that puts on a Halloween show for the neighbourhood every year. Apparently two film producers live there and they put a good effort into it. So we innocently headed over at about 8pm to see what it was all about. We knew it was more serious than we expected when we saw that the road had been closed, a stage, lights, video screen and speakers had been set up. The 15 minute show that followed was the most ambitious neighbourhood production one could imagine. The story was about saving the Halloween holiday, which is at threat of being cancelled because it's too dangerous - Santa has been kidnapped! It starts with a video with puppets that had us all on the floor laughing, then the characters wearing fairly serious costumes get on stage, Santa is rescued and Halloween is saved. The biggest surprise was when the cast, made up of small kids and adults from the neighbourhood, all break into a clearly well-rehearsed song about Halloween. This was a show made with kids in mind but, funny enough, all adults were completely taken in as well. Apparently they change the show every year and it runs 3 times in the night to make sure no one misses it. Kudos to our neighbours for a memorable Halloween and for starting this great tradition!