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Bullying is a symptom of a society that is intolerant of people who might be different from themselves which stems from fear which is a manifestation of the bullies own insecurity. I moved to Canada at age 12 from a small close knit town called Little London, just 10 km from Negril in Jamaica. I was shocked at how intolerant the young people were.. and how they seem to lack a certain degree of empathy.. Empathy is a very powerful quality that seems to be at a low level or almost completely missing from the soul/lives of a significant portion of North American society.. You see it is only empathy that can allow you to relate to the feelings of another person... and it is this relation/relationship that can prevent this kind of destructive behavior. I do believe that this cold attitude to others is passed down from Adults to children (it is learned at home and in the streets from adults). So much anger, so much pain in the lives of these abusers. Ultimately, I believe that parents if they exists should be investigated for the behavior of their juveniles and if there is a pattern of neglect then they should be charged and made to pay...
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Mar 31, 2010