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Ladislav Vostrovsky
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I am a dumb guy when it comes to politics, but being owner of small business for 30 years I am interested in money flying around politics. I went to and looked up Romney and Dr. Paul top contributors and I’ve got this: ROMNEY: Goldman Sachs $367,200, Credit Suisse $203,750 Morgan Stanley $199,800 HIG Capital $186,500 Barclays $157,750 DR PAUL: USArmy $24,503, USAir Force $23,335, USNavy $17,432, MasonCapital Mngmt $14,000 Microsoft $13,398 Boeing $10,620, Google $10,390 Why in the heck is Romney supported by bankers if he wants to end bailouts and Dr. Paul by military complex if he wants to end the wars is beyond my comprehension. Somebody can help me?
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Dec 21, 2011