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Minneapolis, MN
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Re the Macintosh menu bar, I usually use the menus only for commands that either don't have keyboard shortcuts or have shortcuts I don't know. I'm used to mousing to the top of the current window for the menu because of Windows, so it's generally frustrating for the first few hours when I use a Mac. But I do like being able to access, say, Safari's menu without opening a browser window. I too noted that Gmail's buttons in the message editor are very close together. Normally emails can't be un-sent, but I turned on the Gmail Lab feature mentioned above just because I often accidentally send messages or hit send before I'm really ready. It probably would help if the Gmail team moved the Send button to the right side. While we're at it, maybe the "Discard" button should become a link or an entry in the "More Options" menu. The Archive/Report Spam thing doesn't bug me much because I just use the keyboard shortcuts, but it's still kind of bad UI design. @Elwin: I hate accidentally overwriting my clipboard! I'd start advocating for moving Paste to Ctrl-P, but that's taken by stupid printers (how much do I print? a lot less than I paste). a, s, and t are taken in most apps. There really isn't a good replacement for V. PS Login via OpenID is definitely hell. I tried and was logged in as "Technobabbl" (my OpenID is A bug in my WordPress installation currently prevents me from using the standard flow, so I have to manually add trusted sites. I guess that killed the import of my username. Glad I already had a TypeKey account.
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