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Prok in re "And now he acts world-weary and jaded as if he "hates hates hates" having to litigate to keep his "marque" but in fact it can only be perceived as bullying in this small frog pond." This. This is exactly why I characterized that bit as ten shades of pathetic. Prok in re "So to be sneering at "hobbyists" really is over the top at this juncture." And this is exactly what I meant wrt to putting others down. As for my "butt hurt" comment? He's right. I am not the least bit sorry. In fact, it was a sarcastic sorry in response to his martyr/victimhood act (not Scarlet O'Hara hollywood material by any stretch of the imagination) after meddling in a way that negatively affected other city devs.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2011 on Blue Mars Blues at Second Thoughts
@c3 VRML. Totally. And hardly epic. lolol
@Prokofy, here's the lessons learned link that pathfinder tweeted.
For those who missed the meeting, you can listen to Jim's talk here:
@Prokofy who wrote in part: "Please find me a coder who believes in God." Well, I'm allegedly a good coder (lol) and I do believe in God. Go figure, huh? ^_~ Even so, I do think you have an important point wrt the issue of... hmmm... let's call it, "sociopathic coding." And I use that term (and not lightly, actually) bc, sociopathy is without empathy and does not bow to nor recognize social mores. All too often coders will arrive at some innovative way to "do something" without taking into account the larger implications. This is exemplified in these "automated" social networks, that, sites like facebook, myspace, etcetera, generate. So, you end up with disasters like myspace that was "networking" kids with hebephiles & paedophiles. And you end up with a spate of missing and murdered children, such as occurred at the height of the myspace debacle back in '05. There will of course be those who shrilly claim, it's not the code's fault!!!1! The parent's should be watching, etcetera and etcetera. Well, sure. I agree that parents should not use computers as babysitters. This however does not obviate the issue of "ethical engineering." And, btw, for those of you who would readily put forth such an argument? Well, you prove Prokofy's point... that coding corrupts. Why? Because the process of coding is seductive. It's easy to become blinded by the "shiny new" while rationalizing away the necessity of considering ethical implications that arise in response to the code. One need only look at some of the emerald viewer devs along with the rationalizations. And consider the response of some of those in the user community. Some have become so dependent upon the emerald viewer that they are willing to forgo the privacy issue. Speaking of... why do you think we call them users? Now, if you are an emerald user who is frantically trying to keep the festinger's cog dis at bay (ala proclaiming that philip's announcement was about jealousy as opposed to being in response to chronic and egregious ToS violations), I invite you to view Jesse Schell's dice presentation: If you agree with the drooling audience about his, "let's use behavioral modification to hook kiddies so their mommies will spend money and we will become rich" speech, then you, again, have proven prokofy's point.
Geeks tend to be sadly out of touch wrt what the rest of the world is using when it comes to computers. This is, in part, due to assumptions that everyone has similar priorities to theirs. In reality, average joes have best buy specials, as opposed to the shiny-new that geeks have. Then again, average joes are not compelled to engage in epeen, "my system is better than yours" tom foolery. *shrugs* As for the lab? Imo, they're looking for an exit strategy. Exit strategies come in various flavors... IPO (they already missed that window), acquisition (not sure anyone is in the market to buy old hat when shiny-new is so readily avail), fire-sale (possibly, they could, at least sell their servers, or trim them down. though that would impact philips "cyber brain" idea), or simply close and retarget their assets for other things. All things considered, and imo, if they continue the employee blood-letting, I would expect to see them parting out their assets for the auction block by early next year. Granted, they could simply go into maintenance mode. After all employee attrition should be fairly low considering the state of the econ. However, unhappy employees makes for useless products and customer support. But, they may not care. After all, as long as people continue to buy/sell, and as long as said keeps them in the green...
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Jul 25, 2010