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Can you imagine how much it costed calling the USA BBSs from Italy!? But using those I learned how to build TSR programs in DOS (who does remember what they were about?) and then bought my first TSR for DOS APIs, which "arrived" from the States on a 5 1/4'' disk along with the user manual and made me super-happy :)
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2012 on I Was a Teenage Hacker at Coding Horror
I have a good mechanical, and I love my tick tick tick, but if you want the rolls royce of the keyboards of all times, and if you're willing to spend A LOT, then watch this: I don't know if they're good for programming, but they're so damn beautiful! (this is not spam!)
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2010 on The Keyboard Cult at Coding Horror
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Oct 25, 2010