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Well Beasley's +/- in the minutes he played with Wade-Chalmers-QRich-Oneal was +20, and Haslems +/- with that same lineup was -2
Melo is gonna ball out this year
Leo if you just said that no one wouldve gave you a hard time you were too busy ripping on wade like it was his fault oneal wasnt here the whole year last year and his only other two creators offensively were rookies he was just doing all he could to get us wins and to the playoffs and be the best we could be, last year waas alot differnt than this year with what he had to do offensively now he can play just as hard and do it dominating within the flow of the team and breaking the other teams will in key stretches, which is what makes d-wade well... d-wade
"Pick your poison," Beasley said. "When we all play like that, it makes the game a whole lot easier." Here's one way to put that absurd Heat shooting spree into perspective: Miami missed fewer shots (five) in more than 1 1/2 quarters than New York's Al Harrington did (six) in the second quarter alone. " GREAT STUFF
Chalmers can score one on one too. So can Richardson. and you know Beasley can too.
"We need to learn from this loss and keep our heads up," Gallinari said. "It's tough to play defense against them 1-on-1, especially O'Neal and D-Wade."
"It makes everyone's job easy," Wade said. "When the ball is moving, everyone is getting their opportunities and it makes everyone play hard on the other end of the floor. That's what we want to do. We know it's not going to be like that every game, but for the majority of the year, we want to make sure everyone's involved." the phucking BEST
its all happening dont doubt Wade, dont doubt US
Miami HEAT are gonna ball out, bigtime this year" Billy, have breakfast: The Heat are out againt first round. Sorry, that's what non-homers around the PLANET Know for a fact. Posted by: Slledge | October 28, 2009 at 09:38 PM that one, remember it and post it 3 months from now then post mine about wade for mvp and us for 55 wins and beasley for allstar and qrich and oneall for resurecction years adn chalmers for nailing down pg
Leo youre gonna see first-hand what Wade can do as your teams best player when he has help, just like all of us saw in 2005 and 2006 sure he had to carry us last year and 2007 and he was great...... but its a whole different beast when he has help, a championship contending/mvp type of beast
wtf remember that quote from sledge in a few months boys, then laugh in his face
Imagine what Wade will do with help like this? what he's gonna do when teams realize that all 4 of his teammates can ball offensively and we have great spacing, a great 2nd option 20ppg scorer, and a great 3rd option and postup scorer in oneal?!?!?! wow, plust he bench of haslem arroyo and cook looked good Magloire at backup center insted of anthony will be cool
tonight* PS: Wade for MVP 2010
Celtics pounded the ISh out of the bobcats this year Knicks and Bobcats combine for less than 40 wins this year i bet
Lets see what this Mediocre Miami team does agains some half-decent competition. Tank this hopeless season. Posted by: Slledge | October 28, 2009 at 09:30 PM Sledge you remind me so much of that lady owner form the movie "major league", thats what youre gonna act like this season Miami HEAT are gonna ball out, bigtime this year
look at the +/- of our starting five!!!! +35 for Wade, +19 for bease, +28 for Oneal, +24 for QRich, +33 for Chalmers
gonna go watch denver play utah great game for melo, you heard it here first
last years season opener we lost by 10 to the knicks
we dont have to win by 30 doc, just by 1
We're gonna win 55 games
From a Knicks pov, keep in mind we were not rotating guys over to Beasley and he was beating guys like Gallo and Lee(two of our worst man to man defenders) off the dribble and no one came to help. We'll see what Beasley does once teams recognize him as a threat and give him star treatment in the gameplan. Posted by: Chris | October 28, 2009 at 09:18 PM Isnt that what we're hoping for? That opens it up for Wade, no?
it just feels like this team is gonna be something special, a huge underdog that comes up huge with a contending 55 win season double nickels is where its at, wade mvp, beasley allstar, jermaine and qrich career resurrections, chalmers=young fisher, and our boys on the bench are seriously good nba backups (Magloire bacup center more than joel, but the others arroyo cook and halsem especially, even james jones is a good nba backup)
Lebron shot 7/19 but had a trip-double thats what makes guys like him and wade more special than kobe imho, that htey can positively effect hte game iun so many ways even on a bad scoring night
I say no Doc we werent gonna win ish last year and beasley needed some tough love, discipline, etc so mission accomplished, he's hungry and professional now, he grew up so im fine with what happened, so LETS GET IT!
Wade shooting 3-10 from the field with a .5 assist to turnover ratio, and we're up? That's new. Posted by: josh | October 28, 2009 at 08:05 PM Thats the real sign that we're gnna be real good this year the cavs and lakers couldnt win games when kobe or lebron were off in 2006 for kobe and 2008 for lebron, and we were the same with wade last year last year cavs won alot in lbj's off games kobe in 08, same Wade this year... good sign