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Wade Wiles
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Contrats! As a father of boy/girl twins 21 months old, here is some more reality. 1. Get a doula - no matter what the cost, how outrageous you think it it - do it. I lasted 4 weeks and got no sleep, the wife got no sleep. After the 2nd week, even the family is like, "get one now, because we are out-of-here really soon and you can't do this to her". You still won't get any sleep but, at least your wife will. Say goodbye to 2012, you won't remember a thing. Nope, pictures will be the only way to tell how you survived. As every parent of twins has said in the last 21 months, "It gets better". 2.Get a minivan now - will ALL the features. You won't believe the difference it makes when both of you are holding a twin, pushing 2 shopping carts full of groceries, 2 diaper bags and both kiddos are screaming like banshees and you hit the open side doors and rear hatch on the remote with the hand that has the sippy cub also. You will pay anything for that feature - anything. 3. Get used to buying 2 of everything. NEVER NEVER buy 1 of anything or your twins will let you know what a horrible idea it was. You will run to the store and get another of whatever it is because sharing is much harder than having 2 of something. And good luck learning the language of your twins. It is part of that wonderful 1%.
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Oct 31, 2011