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I am not a programmer, so if you don't want to sully yourself with what non-programmers have to say, stop reading right now. I do love this blog, because a lot of it is transferable to non-programming situations. My uncle worked for Amoco for thirty years. He had two bachelor's degrees, one in physics and one in chemistry, and he always said that the thing he did the most of in his career was write. My mother taught Freshman English. Because she taught at a particular time, she always ended up with a lot of athletes in her classes, and after an assignment or two with students insisting that they didn't have to revise what they'd written, the following conversation would ensue: Mom: "Would you ever go to your coach on Monday and say, 'Coach, I don't feel like practicing this week, just play me on Saturday'?" Students: [horrified] "No!" Mom: "Why not?" Students: "Well, you *have* to practice, or you won't get any better!" Mom: "Well, revising your writing--by doing multiple drafts, for example--is practicing your writing." Students: "Ohhhhhhhh." Her report that this Rubicon had been crossed was always a hoot around the dinner table. And most of the class then bought in to the "practicing your writing" concept. You may be a programmer now -- but you may not always be a programmer. You may be responsible for mentoring new programmers, or teaching programming. You may be responsible for writing project proposals, RFPs, or final reports. You may move into management, and be responsible for writing about your subordinates', group's, or company's performance. You may (as someone noted above) have to explain to higher-ups what the heck you're doing, and why you need to do it. Or you may do something else entirely. Strong communication skills are always a huge asset, because lots of people don't have them... Thanks, Jeff: I'll be checking out the writers site...
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Feb 8, 2011