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...and drink a lot of coffee. :) love this. i wonder what a day in the life of me would look like... definitely not as fun as yours. There would too many shots of buses.
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2009 on December 9th, in 3 minutes. at John Giannakos's blog
the reason, dear friend, why Ice Cream Social does not provide you with ice cream is because imagine the mess it would cause, what with all the highly intoxicated and drug induced enjoyment. Also, how could you do the mashed potato with an ice cream cone in hand? Well, I'm sure you could but not to the best of your ability. And what fun would that be? Finally, I think people have come to the realization that ice cream (and milk products in general), really aren't that good for you. So Honey would have to buy both dairy based ice cream AND soy based, and that just leaves everyone with too many choices and it would probably be a little expensive. They would have to compromise their talented DJs in order to be able to give people what they want in terms of cold, creamy desserts. I think I put far too much thought into this answer.
I found something for ya' writing exercises! looks like a good sources of enjoyment ;)
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Dec 7, 2009