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In behind the scenes videos its Jack Davenport and Katharine McPhee that have all the chemistry but the writers havent capitalised on that. Instead theyve made his character so unpleasant that you dont want him to build a relationship with her character. All of Debra Messing's storylines are boring and in particular the baby adoption strand. What teen son says go get me my chinese sister. The writing and character development is appalling and feels like its being written on the fly. I'm sad because I like actors like Davenport, McPhee and Huston and have enjoyed the songs/performances. In the right hands this could have been a winner.The show needs to be given to new producers/writers but that will never happen. Its on borrowed time.
Toggle Commented Feb 22, 2012 on Why NBC's 'Smash' wasn't built to last at On The Air
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Feb 22, 2012