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I read every comment before posting my own, so my apologies if this is muddled. There's a lot in my head right now. 1) This is not just about marriage equality. Some of the groups supported by CFA profits work to make it LEGAL TO KILL SOMEONE FOR BEING GAY IN UGANDA. At this point, screw marriage equality- CFA supports MURDER. Hopefully the "free speech" proponents did not know this, or I'm appalled at their priorities. 2) While I can understand it being difficult to respect LGBT activists as a group based on the actions and volume of a few of us, please try. You don't like us thinking all Christians are hateful bigots due to the percentage who hide their hate behind the Bible, so please attempt to give us the same respect you want. 3) Civil Unions do not grant ALL the same rights and privileges as marriage. If they did, and all State-overseen unions were civil unions, and all unions overseen by a religious institution were marriages, regardless of the gender of the parties involved, fine. Anything less is discrimination and akin to other "separate but equal" laws- ultimately, they are not equal and don't work. History has proven this. 4) To the person (I don't remember who, now) who says LGBT people must accept that there will be casualties- fuck you. How dare you suggest that it is somehow "okay" for ANYONE to be injured or killed fighting for what should be fundamental rights. I should NOT need to choose between being alive and around for my children and trying to make the world a better place for myself and said children. 5) To the person (again, don't remember who) who doesn't think LGBT people should lead with the fact that we're not heterosexual. Guess what? For every friend I have who thinks I'm an awesome person and couldn't care less about my sexuality, there's someone I can't be friends with because of my "choice". It's far better to know that up front than to be hurt (emotionally OR physically) later on. Perhaps, once a non-zero portion of society grows up enough to stopped being squicked out about bedroom activities, we can all just be awesome people and not have to have our sexual activities matter except to those we're having sex with. 6. Affect/effect, you're/your, cities/city's. For the love of Cthulhu, people, if you want to be taken seriously use English correctly!!
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Aug 19, 2012