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I am amazed to heard that the Turkey has been making this mistakes of evidence manufacturing which cause threats to Turkey's democracy.Hermes Kelly All above mentioned Chain block of mistakes or avoidance action of law and order can cause serious for image of judiciary and police. 2945abc45 0929
i think its not about demonizing those that achieved the american dream, its more of embracing reality. statistic shows that in every one kid born in US, there are 16 kids somewhere out there in other part of the world are deprived Hermes Scarf for basic necessities in order to live. 2945abc45 0929
Why are you taking offense, Levend? Because your president is a joke and the democratic Hermes Bags party is going the way of the USSR? 2945abc45 0929
However, linking to a site that generally features poorly concealed hate speech by Barry Rubin, is beyond me. I am flabbergasted by this act of self-inflicted discredit on your behalf. 2945abc45 0929 Hermes Kelly
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Sep 1, 2010