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Didn't know people signed a consent form to lobotomy. Pretty sure it was used to calm patients who were highly dangerous to themselves and others.
Surprisingly I agree with you. I actually admire that you're taking the time to focus on the potential health risks rather than playing the blame game.
Again, no one puts a gun to your head and tells you to get gender reassignment. Its a personal choice, and its on you if you rush into it. As sad and painful as it may be, people need to make decisions wisely.
You are ridiculous. I can say no more.
Although I disagree with you on many occasions, I do have to admit I don't like the idea of feeding children hormone blockers. At least have them be a legal adult and be able to have their say. Also, who knows what's in them? Any type of gender change should be thought long and hard about and be consensual. Otherwise, I still dislike your strong will to pull homosexuals into many situations that may not even deal with homosexuality. Gender identity is entirely different. Tsk.
Pretty sure increased risk of suicide attempts derives from environmental factors, not just the fact they became transgender. Maybe its ignorance in the general population, but who knows for sure? I have attempted suicide, and I can say and reinforce the fact that it had nothing to do with my Gender Identity questioning. I don't see why it would, besides being unaccepted and singled out. So pretty much bullying and such. I've dealt with hereditary and environmentally educed depression, anxiety, ADHD, etc. The disorders themselves are terrible, but add ignorance? You're asking for a premature death. If anything, I've been able to manage my symptoms of these disorders, worked out my issues, admitted my own mistakes as well as facing my fears. I'm a happy person, and my gender identity won't change that.
Having read some of your other articles, I see you've struggled with GID. Although your experience turned sour, it doesn't mean everyone's will. I've seen, heard of, and met many people who live happily as transgendered people. I feel you go by your own rationalizations to explain these things, and look towards the negative stories people share. Of course some, if not many people will realize they may have made a mistake. But they must take responsibility. I saw one of your articles, calling out surgeons who do Gender Reassignment surgery. Its not THEIR fault someone made a wrong decision, that someone didn't fully evaluate themselves. If anything, I'd find it more acceptable to blame whoever gave someone the "okay" to change genders and not seeing that it wasn't their true desire. But even then, one can twist words to fit their own reality. If anything, your argument is a bit delusional, or at least spiteful.
Very strong words, most of which peeve me. First, let me say that I am biologically a female, wish to be male, and am attracted to men. Have felt that way for quite a bit of time, but just recently being able to label it with something that feels correct. I want to express that I agree with you to an extent on this article. Of course, people can change their outer image, their hormone levels and a variety of other things to represent their desired sex. They will always have been born as and be their original sex, content with it or not. More times than not, though, people like to be respected in their decision to go through with Gender Reassignment Surgery. People don't have to agree, but harassment and snide comments are not only rude, but punishable by law. As a person aspiring to resemble the opposite sex, its not so much actually becoming the opposite sex as it is being seen and treated as a member of the opposite sex. Many times, people will express feeling like "a woman trapped in a man's body", or the other way around. Gender identity is far more a psychological and intangible concept than it is physical and concrete. As for physical reassignment, I assume it would be to resemble the opposite sex more-so rather than actually becoming the opposite sex. Personally, I wouldn't as far as messing with my lower regions. With giving up your original genitalia, you also give up your ability to attain an orgasm. Its a sacrifice, and one must be extremely dedicated to their desire to be more like the opposite sex to give up their sexual desires. Honestly, I feel it deserves praise, one being so committed to being their true self, or what they feel their true self is. Also, one thing that caught my eye was your comment about Homosexual Transgendered people being motivated by the desire to have sex with a man. Wrong! Entirely wrong, and ultimately one of the most ignorant comments I've seen. Men can have sex with other men as men. A gay man would not give up their "package" just to have sex with another man, when they already can. Even if said male was feminine in terms of their role in a relationship, they would still not desire to become a woman. The desire to become or resemble the opposite sex derives from the feeling that you identify more and feel like the opposite sex. Excuse my rant, I just found this article extremely offensive. Please research transgender people from their point of view. Otherwise, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."
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Dec 21, 2011