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You know, I just love when people talk about the lack of attendance at Miami football games. Eveyone wants to compare apples to oranges and say everything is apples. Well some little tidbits for your perusal. University of Southern California plays in the 100,000 seat Rose Bowl (a stadium owned by the city not USC) and rarely sells out. Cincinatti, Maryland and Rutgers give away thier student tickets for FREE so the students will attend. Miami plays in a stadium that sits more than 70000 people which is larger than the majority of stadiums in the country. Miami has a small student population and a small alumni base compared to the state schools listed above. Miami is located in the middle of a large metro area and has no room to expand much more to build a stadium on campus. (remember FIU was built out on the edge of miami near the everglades and was provided the room by the county government and state government for expansion. FSU is in rural north florida also with room for expansion and Gainsville is nothing but trailer parks with nothing else around (primary reason why I didn't go there was the campus was too big and raw sewage all over the floor in one of the dorms I visited)) UF, FSU, USF, FIU and FAU are all state schools meaning the public owns the stadiums they play in because tax payer money was used to finance them. And yes, bonds that were sold to finance the expansions were also financed by the state coffers. What would be real interesting to know is what are the prices of student tickets to one of these venues? How much money from state coffers are being used to subsidize football at all of these schools. In a recent article in The Record (a newspaper in northern new jersey) 46 of the 52 BCS schools receive a subsidy. Sunshine laws require state institutions to provide information on thier spending. Private institutions are not covered by sunshine laws. If my memory serves me right, Miami, Vanderbilt, Duke, Syracuse, and Notre Dame are private institutions. I think Boston College is the sixth. Anyway, this means Florida football gets a subsidy. In other words Miami fans are paying for Florida fans to go watch Florida football otherwise Ben Hill Griffin stadium would be just as empty as Dolphin Stadium.
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Well, we're hearing one side of the story. Is this a guy who needs his hand held until signing day? Is he looking for the type of love Willie Williams got? If the young man is confused, isn't it better to keep your concerns private before you say something publicly that you might regret? With allegations surrounding Levitt, will he still be there? Gill just came aboard for Louisville, is he someone you've talked with? what will Gill's staff look like in 3 weeks? Go talk with your coach; reach out to Hurtt and Shannon; talk with the 2007 guys. But do it in private. not here on the 'net.
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Interesting to note. This is taken from the University of Florida website ( Florida's largest university - and the nation's fourth-largest - traces its beginnings to a small seminary in 1853. With an enrollment approaching 50,000 students annually, UF is home to 16 colleges and more than 150 research centers and institutes. couple that with this also from the same website More than 300,000 alumni are located throughout the world. now compare it to this This is taken from the University of Miami website ( There are just over 166,000 alumni in UM’s history. Couple that with this also from the miami website private research university with more than 15,000 students from around the world, the University of Miami is a vibrant and diverse academic community focused on teaching and learning, the discovery of new knowledge, and service to the South Florida region and beyond. Now if florida has a student population of 50,000 on a yearly basis and miami has a student population of 15000 but florida has only a little nmore than 300000 grad and miami has 166000 do the math. Maybe florida has so many people in thier stands because they never graduated and just hang out at the stadium for lack of anything else to do.
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Saw this and got a big kick out of it. This is probably why we have so many gayturds on this blog. This is an article written by Christine Brennan from USA Today. This is taken from the end of the story: "Speed in this sport is the difference-maker, and every program and every coach is looking for it," said Florida athletics director Jeremy Foley. "It certainly started back there with the great teams of Miami." It's not often that a Gator will compliment a Hurricane. After the flattery, though, came something much more important at Florida. Imitation. So deep down inside the gaytors just want to be Canes so that is why they are here! Here's the link to the article if anyone is interested:
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Just a thought. Miami played well last night and will only get better. Florida is at best third or fourth best in the SEC. Will the Chik-fil-A Bowl look to take the two in a rematch come December 31?
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2008 on Quick postgame update at Eye on the U
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Coaches only go after those who they are told to go after. When Garcia left, he took a wealth of knowledge with him in regard to who they should recruit. Garcia dug up alot of nobodies that became somebodies in the UM system. Garcia is now back and hopefully his magic that he had in the late 90s early 00s will resurface and we can get some "hungry" players. That Peach Bowl game showed that the current players have lost that hunger and killer instinct that Miami is known for. In another website, someone posed the question why are people leaving the "U" before thier senior year. Alot of the guys who have come in look to leave for NFL riches after thier third year because they know that in a program like Miami, they can get the noteriety they need to get in to the NFL early. Over the past few years there has been a few recruits that have said straight out that they were on the three year plan. Think if all those guys that left early had stayed, how many national titles would Miami had won in the last 4 years? Then think of those that left who weren't first round picks but left anyway because of the money. Even those who are thinking about leaving this year will not get the bucks that they could if they stayed like Antrel Rolle did. Ryan Moore, Devin guys should stay and up your stock for the 2007 draft.