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Dino Radja
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maybe he can stop pms-ing now
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The C's were ready to move on from Delonte to Keyon Dooling? Besides minor mental issues, there would be no reason. Delonte is younger, more intense, a good shooter, good defender, etc. No good reason to let him go.
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thats terrible... An interesting question I am wrestling with is if it was the Lakers vs. the Heat in the finals who would you want to win. (Take out that the Lakers would tie the Cs if they won) I think I would still want the Heat to win, but I think this season I can say that Lebron passed Kobe in the player I would most want to see lose. He bitches after almost every call. It is ridiculous. He puts his shoulder down and rams into the chest of the defender like he is Jerome Bettis and the 1 out of every 50 times they call it, he has the most bewildered look on his face.
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correct me if I am wrong, but I seem to recall, especially when had his little coming out party a couple years back in the playoffs, that the vast majority of his shots came when Pierce or Rondo would find him just cutting to the basket, or when his defender lost track of him. He was rarely missing his shots around the rim when this happened because of his agility. Now, the majority of his shots come when the Cs call his number for an iso and now that he is not hitting his jumper, the defender can just wait for him to back down and easily block his shot. I think if the Cs want to get him going they need to involve him in more pick and rolls and let him use his quickness and agility when the defense is out of position. So I don't necessarily think it is his fault. He became the player he was because of his ability to sneak around and get open and now the Cs are asking him to do something completely different.
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meh, not very excited about the Irish LaFrentz
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Mar 1, 2011